If it wasn’t for vegans there would be no animals left. I strongly agree and am so thankful that people have dietary requirements to make everyone else cooking/preparing there foods lives a little easier. I mean realistically where would the world be today without our animal friendly, leaf eating life savers. To be honest with you I would say there would be no farm land or animals left because everyone would’ve eaten them. Who even needs meat its only got all the protein and iron that makes you big and strong. For all I care we should all be skinny little runts with just skin and bone and then if we want to get big fill ourselves up with powder instead. In this common society there is so many kind producers and manufactures that make all these processed goods for us to eat instead of real meat which slows our heart rate down with fat so it doesn’t have to work as hard. You know people with dietary requirements are so good they take away all of our plants to eat for themselves so we can increase the CO2 levels in the air so we can keep the human population down. Its genius really. Who would’ve thought someone who didn’t eat meat or anything produced from an animal could be so intelligent.

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